How to make an appointment

How to make an appointment​


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At Greenwood Surgery we make it as easy as possible for you to make an appointment.
Here are the most popular ways to connect with the surgery:

In person

Our reception team can pass on information to the clinical team (we are not a walk-in service)

Over the phone

Call weekdays, anytime during the practice hours (08:00 - 18:30)


Some availability is online for certain appointments e.g. smears

Emergency Appointments

All emergencies are passed from reception to our clinical team. These are assessed according to need. A response (telephone call and/or appointment) is provided within 24 hours, but usually the same morning or afternoon that you have called. 

Routine Appointments

Due to our triage booking system we are able to offer appointments in a timeframe based on clinical need. Most queries can be managed over the phone – if an appointment is needed face to face this can and will be booked for you.  **If you prefer a telephone consultation is needed with a specific clinician please make this clear with our reception team.

Our reception team are trained care navigators who pass your confidential information to the clinical team. 


Why does the receptionist ask what is wrong with me when I am trying to book an appointment?
Our reception team have been trained to ask focussed questions which allow the clinical team to assess the urgency and prioritise and delegate phone calls, appointments and visits.

The receptionists are aware of local services and the growing primary care team, many of whom can look after your needs instead of the traditional thinking of needing to see the GP each time. For example, an otherwise well patient who calls enquiring about a new rash may be signposted to see the local pharmacist who is qualified in managing minor ailments. A patient enquiring how to access counselling, weight loss advice, stop smoking advice may be signposted to our website resource page or the live well link well team (social prescribing team).

This allows the GP to focus on more complex patients who require more than the standard 10-minute consultation.



1. To help our health professionals to prioritise home visits and phone calls
2. To ensure that all patients receive the appropriate level of care
3. To direct patients to see the most appropriate health professional.

The ANP team are able to deal with most things the GP can – please see ‘meet the team’. If any clinician has a patient whom they need help with or the GP is needed for an opinion, the GP on duty can be called in during the consultation to assess/examine.



1. Any information given by you is treated as strictly confidential
2. The management team would take any breach of confidentially very seriously and deal with accordingly
3. You can ask to speak to a receptionist in private away from reception desk.


Please let the reception team know how urgent your query is, if you feel it could be managed on the phone or needs to be ‘face to face’ and to whom you wish your message to go. The reception team will inform you of an approximate time when to expect a reply (within 2-3 working days unless urgent) , especially if that staff is on any booked holiday.


Meet the care team that will be on hand at the surgery


NHS services to assist our patients... from family health to long term condition management

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